Learning through the Internet is the last hope for humanity?

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Learning through the Internet is the last hope for humanity?

Learning through the Internet is the last hope for humanity?

Specialists in the flow of social information have been using this method for a long time. Scientists have recommended it as well. But schools did not listen and now they are facing a real problem. We are talking about the Internet flow of knowledge or, more precisely, about online learning.

Business is one step ahead of the education

International companies have been using new technologies and practising online communication with their employees for years. There are teleconferences, online training, developed systems and platforms that are used by whole teams of specialists who are often separated by thousands of kilometres. Nevertheless, this distance does not prevent the efficient transfer of knowledge and new ideas, the reporting procedure and the proper evaluation of work. Simply, the system works. This is proved by the revenues calculated in millions of the companies using it.

Hence, why the attitude towards online learning is so sceptical? There are professional applications for learning, especially for learning the foreign languages, on the international market, but they suffer the lack of public trust. Many of us have probably seen opinions that these applications are not worth the time, that this is nothing but a fraud, and the direct contact between the teacher and the student cannot be replaced by anything. Why people present such an attitude? Especially since there is strong evidence of the effectiveness of this method. Moreover, they are recommended by numerous specialists and linguists. All in all, this method works in business which, as it is commonly known, does not forgive mistakes.

Education crisis – schools were not prepared for it

Many of us are attached to the traditional education system used in schools. But what would happen if there were no traditional schools?

This question could have been a shock or taken as a joke one month ago. However, due to the current pandemic of the new coronavirus, it has turned out to be a real question. Many countries have closed all the educational institutions and asked themselves: What next? What about the curricula, internal and final exams, and finally, what about the millions of young people who are forced to spend time idly at home, their development is impeded, and they are losing their chances of finding their place on the labour market?

Forced by the pandemic, some schools have decided to use new technologies that they rejected in the first place and now they are introducing online learning. But schools are not prepared for this. There are technical deficiencies: no suitable equipment or people who can use it properly. Teleconferences are full o interferences or simply do not work.

Another problem is the methodology itself. For schools, the internet is a completely new medium of transferring the information. It is obvious that it needs an adequate method of teaching. Therefore, it is impossible to use the traditional teaching method in this completely different system – and that is what are trying to do the educational institutions.

New technologies - new hope

And this is where online language-learning applications come in handy. From scratch, they were created in order to make it possible to learn through the Internet. Experts created them on the basis of many years of research and analysis on the specifics of online learning. Years of investigations have led to the creation of an ideal and adequate medium for Internet requirements.

Applications use the principle of associations that activate the brain hemispheres and, therefore, accelerates the absorption of knowledge. Moreover, they are based on complex algorithms. Years of experience and the constant presence on the market have resulted in continuous improvement of the system. The developers of the app received millions of feedback from customers and all opinions were analysed. This process makes it possible to create a system that distinguishes itself by very high quality and effectiveness.

We have to remember that the pandemic will end one day. However, our problems will not end if we do not make good use of this difficult time. It is always better to have plans for the future, but it is impossible to realize most of them without learning.

We have to think which way to learn is the most efficient. Maybe learning through the Internet is currently the last hope for humanity.

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