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Choose the language you want to learn and begin right now

Choose the language you want to learn and begin right now

Start speaking just after a few first lessons!

We developed the Fast Phrases application so that simple conversations in a foreign language could be possible quickly.

Speak fluently at work, when travelling, on a date and in every other situation.

  • No swotting up on boring grammar

    You don't need to absorb dozens of complex rules and exceptions in order to speak fluently in a foreign language!

    Fast Phrases method consists in absorbing full phrases, sentences and expressions - exactly like we all learned our native tongues when we were kids!

  • Anyplace, anytime

    With the Fast Phrases app you can learn using any device that is connected to the Internet, at any time that is convenient to you: in a bus, in a queue, in a shop or at your own home, lying on a couch!

  • Pronunciation and visual associations

    Learn the proper pronunciation thanks to recordings by professional language instructiors. Memorize vocabulary better thanks to visual associations that speed up the creation of neural connections in your brain.

The highest quality

The Fast Phrases application has been designed by a team of over 30 specialists: linguist, interpreters, foreign language teachers, supported by the work of graphic designers and programmers.

It was all to create the product of the highest quality.

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YES! You can choose from a dozen of foreign languages now, but our research team still work on adding other.

If you can't see the language you are interested in yet, come back to us later!

Using the app is possible with any device that is connected to the Internet, all you need is an Internet browser. You can switch the devices you are using for Fast Phrases freely. Moreover, no matter where you are logged from, your learning progress will be saved!
Yes! In many countries, we offer elegant gift vouchers, that grant the owner a yearly access to Fast Phrases app. You can also order an e-voucher from any place in the world and it will work just as well. Contact the customer care in order to get more information and order a voucher.

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time. You will be able to still use the app until the end of the period that was paid by the time of the annulment. The next payment will not be charged from your card.

In order to annul your subscription, choose the "Cancel" option in your Fast Phrases profile. In case of any problems, contact us.

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