A new foreign language in 30 days? Get to know the secrets of learning with Fast Phrases

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A new foreign language in 30 days? Get to know the secrets of learning with Fast Phrases

Nowy język obcy w 30 dni? Poznaj tajniki nauki z Fast Phrases

Since years, we have been showing people from all around the world that learning foreign languages can be pleasant and give good results quickly. Half a million users so far have trusted us and the number is still growing. What is the secret of our method?

Some of you may think that creating an efficient language learning method requires hordes of people. Indeed, speaking many languages ourselves, we do cooperate with dozens of language specialists, yet the foundation of this method is a profound analysis of the behaviors of people who take on foreign language learning. We do not mean only a selected control group, but also tests performed... on ourselves. The idea emerged over 8 years ago and, in order to create our application, we would take on foreign language learning using various methods.

Each of us has experience in various learning techniques: some of us have a degree in linguistics, others have international certificates confirming their command of English, German or Spanish, while others would have private tuition. But we did not focus on our results only. We wanted to create the application that allows everyone to learn a foreign language, regardless of their age, sex, predispositions or the amount of time they have every day. There was only one aim: each user has to learn a language as fast as possible. Which is why we would observe the learning process of many other people and we devoted a lot of time to study linguistic publications and results from the researches of the linguistic area. What is the thing that make our application effective? Take a look at some facts about it.

Our application is intuitive

It is not only about the nice look. And though our app has one, the main focus in our application is on comfort and intuitiveness. It contains using tips that will display at the very beginning so that you do not feel lost for even a tiny moment. Our qualification test will adjust the application to your knowledge.

We also fight the stereotype that says learning has to be boring. Fast Phrases contains numerous elements to spice up your learning process, which is why you want more. Interesting facts about countries, tricks to improve concentration and memory drag you into learning, while the functional interface allows you to fully focus on the most important thing to you, which is acquiring a language. You learn the correct syntax by dragging words across the screen, and new expressions come into your head much easier thanks to pictures next to them. All this, combined with the possibility to play the correct pronunciation of each word. You are only one step away from effective learning!

There is only one aim: to very quickly teach you to speak in a foreign language

One of our app creators, a linguistic studies graduate, is still remembering her first job, in which she used an exotic language she learned at the university. The clash with the native speakers of the language was painful, to say the least. It occurred that the university language learning program was designed to make students fluently use... literary language. Just imagine someone speaking to you the way your grandparents used to speak. I would be funny, wouldn't it? Many people who learned a foreign language have the same problem. There is no use to know full quotations from the books by lyrical poets when you don't know how to ask where you can buy the bus tickets. The aforementioned poet did not even know the concept of city transport.

In Fast Phrases, we believe that being able to buy a bus ticket, ask for a directions, ask where the nearest ATM is or get medications for food poisoning is what makes you avoid unpleasant situations in a foreign country. This is why in our app you won't find extravagant expressions. We won't force you to memorize grammar, rules, or hypercorrect pronunciation. Having completed the first stage of learning with us, you will be able to introduce yourself, ask your interlocutor about his or her well-being or order a dinner at a restaurant. The knowledge of the new language will give you new job perspectives - maybe you will get a discretionary bonus for extending your skills? Also, you won't be paralyzed by fear when, out of nowhere, in a street, a foreigner asks you for directions.

With our app, you learn a language whenever and wherever you want

We know that devoting your time for learning is difficult. It is a natural thing that you would rather hang out with your friends at a bar, watch some series or read a book.

It is all natural, because at your work, you have a meeting followed by a meeting or "ASAP" types of tasks, you have to find some time for groceries, cleaning, maybe going to the gym. Which is why with Fast Phrases you don't need to give up on your leisure activities, you can learn when the opportunity occurs. It takes only 10-15 minutes a day you can find, e.g., while standing in a queue or in a cab, on your way to a meeting. You choose the right moments for learning, as well as the moments you stop learning.

We are educated linguists, so we care about the quality of teaching

As you probably have observed by now, we are not a group of random people without linguistic education. Our fascination in how learning processes progress for different people is what pushed us to creating Fast Phrases. We used everything we experienced, observed and concluded. It does not mean, though, that we are closed to new assumptions and discoveries. Our customer service operates in 23 languages fluently, which is why you can share your opinion with us in a comfortable manner, by just sending an email, and we will take that into account when planning new improvements in our app.

Entrusting your foreign language acquisition process with us, you can be sure that we put all our hearts into enabling you to use the latest achievements of technology and science.

We teach you in a simple, comfortable way

The decision about starting to learn is an easy one, as it comes very easily and is often caused by serious life motives. Better salary, a job in a new country, high scholarship opportunity - studies show that knowing a foreign language has a huge influence on those. But despite such important reasons, most people quit learning at the very beginning. By creating our app, we decided to put an end to it and not let people be put off once they have started learning. We effectively prevent it by interesting elements such as trivia about countries, concentration improving exercises, dragging words through the screen or pictures facilitating memorization or playing the correct pronunciation of each word. All these elements combined eliminate the feeling of being bored by learning and guarantees permanent effects.

Start language learning now. It takes only 15 minutes a day!

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